While the country is grappling with a deadly second of the COVID pandemic, staying home and safe, as the only preventive approach, seems to be the only way out. And a comfortable and empowering home set up is the key to a safe home bound experience. Amidst rising social uncertainty, work from home pressures and the household chores of cooking and cleaning, there continues to be a rising awareness of eating healthy, home cooked meals and the need to have smart tools to be able to handle all the chores without external help. Under such circumstances, there has been a rising popularity of smart modular kitchen, with integrated appliances, is gaining popularity.


Listed here are some key benefits provided by intelligent modular kitchen designs that are making it easier to manage the day to day chores with efficiency and ease:

  • Compact design and efficient Storage: One of the biggest advantages of a modular kitchen are the compact design that allows for efficient use of space, both in terms of square footage and compartmentalised stacks integrated in the design. Further, with drawers and pull out accessories, these are effectively designed to meet the customised needs of individual homes, ideal for a large or nuclear families, bachelors or senior citizens.
  1. Classy Aesthetics: While the functionality and compactness render the modular kitchen effective, the aesthetics helps to bring in a vibrant ambience to the house. With the current trend of Classic designs catching up, modular kitchens of today come in subtle shades like white and grey to vibrant peppy shades of blue and green, rendering a personality that is a reflection of the inhabitants.
  2. Easy to clean material: In light of the current situation, hygiene has become paramount, especially in the kitchen area. Modular kitchen set ups that use easy to clean, durable and sturdy material, is gaining prominence. Additionally, with clear and functional designs, there are no longer unreachable nooks and corners where food or pests can harbour. From stone countertops and laminate covered cabinets to using composite materials, including granite, stone, glass, and laminate, with anti-microbial/ anti-bacterial sheets, are also being used to create low maintenance and hygienic kitchens.
  3. Integrated cooking appliances: From microwaves, mixer and blenders, exhaust and chimney set ups, and water purifiers to now even dishwashers, new modular kitchen designs are evolving rapidly to help make lockdown a smooth affair for those stuck at home. Further, the design allows for clean-cut lines with minimum obstructions, ensuring built-in appliances can be placed anywhere in the kitchen, as per individual preference and choice. Apart from convenience, built in appliances also help de-clutter and create more working space, by ensuring compact design and ease of access.
  4. Integrated Dishwasher: This is gaining wide popularity in India as an increasing number of people are learning to rely on doing their household chore without external help. An integrated dishwasher in the modular kitchen set up allows for fast and efficient cleaning of vessels, ensuring the kitchen, the sink and the area surround it is clean, with no left over food for insects or pests. Dishwashers also allow for disinfecting when cleaning the vessels – an added benefit in these times of a crucial health crisis.

Even as India battles the worst health crisis in the modern times, with a lockdown and home quarantine as the most effective prevention to the virus, and increasing number of people are waking up to the significance of a well equipped kitchen. With the above mentioned trends, smart modular kitchens are enabling people to not only stay at home and survive but to also be able to cook delicious meals and be empowered with the right technical tools and designs to make house work and kitchen chores, less tedious.

By Mr. Kirit Joshi, Co-founder, Director -Spacewood Furnishers Pvt. Ltd.